What Is This?

(One) Answer: Things I have found on the beaches of my homeland, on the eastern end of Long Island, NY. I decided to intimately photograph the objects in question to serve as portraits of their uniqueness. Families and relationships began to make themselves apparent, as well as the strange beauty and mystery of natural forces at work. I am beginning to learn the new language. I am beginning to learn a new science: Driftology.

(Another) Answer: This blog will serve as a visual catalog of the marine debris (both man-made and not) collected over a period of time. Some of these objects appear in greater or lesser frequency with the seasons and come and go with storms and tides. It is not a comprehensive survey by any means, just things I find aesthetically pleasing.

My Mission: I hope this BLOGALOG will be of use to someone, maybe in the marine sciences, as a first-hand account and means of understanding what is floating in our near-shore waters of Long Island. My mission is to make it useful to everyone, as a reminder of what we can do to keep our “things” out of the ocean. I will keep collecting this stuff for as long as it washes up.

Who Are You?

My name is Scott Bluedorn, I was born and raised on the east end of Long Island, where I currently reside. I am an artist, surfer, scholar, human. My portfolio website: http://www.scottbluedorn.com